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31 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

The snow has arrived, and with it the associated difficulties; slippy scaffold, less dextrous cold fingers and a need to get everything that I do not want to scrape snow off into the cabin. I have never been so happy to have a roof over my workspace!

I grinned as I spun round my first corner on Wiseman road today and found myself almost looking forward to strapping on cross country skies and exploring my new white world. ...[Read More]

Breaking the ice

29 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

With some coaching, Breagha has learned that frozen puddles are a good source of water; the cold weather has hastened her education.

Having been utterly confused by the hard surfaces at first, she would treat them as she would a regular puddle; eventually she tired of licking them to death, and would wander off disgruntled and dissatisfied ...[Read More]


29 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Though the bears will probably be sleeping soon, I am still wary as we wander around out here. Often it seems over the last week Breagha and I will be bought up short by a rustling and crashing in the bush. I stand a little straighter, listen carefully and wait for confirmation of what is lurking back there.

Yesterday the thrashing was followed by a bonnie little ruffed grouse, who marched down a broken log, onto the road and paraded out infront of us! ...[Read More]

Sinking sonotubes

28 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

The problem with building mostly by yourself is that the responsibility for any errors or miscalculations ultimately rests in one place! The excavations for the sonotubes were large and the backfill process was done quickly to accommodate an impending cement delivery.

Two of the nine supports for the cabin sank after a day of torrential rain, one by nearly 3", the other by perhaps 2"; I found them that way early one morning. ...[Read More]

Building update

25 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

I read somewhere recently that 'words are only vapours of the heart'.

That we can allude to something in our spoken language, but not capture the true depth of it.

The cabin now has windows, and by the end of the weekend, should finally be wind and water tight.   Like a face without eyes, or a person without soul, the emptiness of the cabin started to dissipate as the plywood was opened up and the lenses to the outside world were worked into place. ...[Read More]