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14 November 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Someone told me that the best time to de-limb trees is in the early spring, or winter.

Before the sap starts to circulate more liberally.

It seems to be true, any work I have done with an arborist saw in the summer has instantly made me bashful at the onslaught of sap, as if the tree is crying at the insult.

Funny our tendency to personify everything; perhaps that is just how we see the world.

Saying de-limb is a little misleading.

In reality I mean tidying the trunks up; effectively giving them a hair-cut.

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9 November 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Today I decided to clean out the small trailer that sits beside the easement road.

A companion to progress, and my home during the building era, it has slowly become the dumping ground for tools, left over tiles, flooring, clothes.

Books, old paperwork, half burned candles, the list is endless.

Providing a resting place for anything and everything, your heart would sink on pushing open the door, and clambering over boxes, boots and broken propane lights.

Even if you wanted to, how would you organise such a random collection of un-related things?

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9 November 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

I dusted my bow off recently.

I haven't stretched it out in what feels like a long time, and for the first little while it felt alien in my hands.

There is a sadness to that; like something that was once so familiar falling into the ranks of any other stranger.

Either because I caught the acquaintance in time, or because inevitably the same characteristics that promoted a sense of understanding initially were still present, it started to sit more easily in my hands.

I don't suppose it matters.

We are friends again.

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Logical Fallacy

8 November 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

It seems to me sometimes that we need a label for something, a name, to understand it.

I read an interesting passage in a book recently, that gave just that to a notion I have never heard of before.

Argumentum ad hominem.

Roughly translated as 'argument to a man'.

Essentially this is the tendency to negate someone's question or argument, to discredit it instantly, simply based on the author.

Due potentially to a previous difference of opinion, a dislike, an irritation, a mistrust.

Whatever the reason, most of us do this, without thinking, almost every day.

To your spouse, your co-worker, the check-out person at the supermarket.

We dismiss something that somebody says, simply because they said it.

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In the Tree Tops

8 November 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

As the winter gets closer, I am grabbing every opportunity to run with the girls, not only before the snow makes the task an impossibility, but before it gets so damn cold, the motivation slips away from me like a shadow in the morning.

I was absolutely astounded the other day, as the girls and I ran, if you can call it that, down the road. The path to the gate is more accurately described as a mud track now, and the inevitable pot holes, puddles and potential slides keep my attention firmly on my feet and the ground.

Kind of like my need to focus on the elbow so as not to miss a high 5. Long story, but for those other resident aliens, born outside of the North American cultural experience, this deceptively easy manoeuvre is a little intimidating.

Anyway, as I was intently focused on not falling in an crumpled heap, I somehow noticed River standing to attention about 50 yards in front.

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