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Mountain Adventure

29 July 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare
  Albert Camus once wrote 'and never have I felt so deeply at one and the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world'.   He was a morose and dark individual, if his writing can be indicative at all of his character.   But I stumbled across this, and it captured the sentiment I was afraid I would fail to articulate.   I walked into the mountains last week with Breagha. I had high hopes of us covering many miles, traversing many slopes, tackling many creeks, and crossing numerous mountain passes.   ...[Read More]

Green Timber

20 June 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Part of me dreams about the sharp clean cuts that you make in the winter time.

In sub-zero temperatures, dry chunks of wood split beautifully; each repetition of the axe yielding more fodder for the fire.

Your chopping stump long since lost in the snow, you place a piece of wood roughly where it used to be and hope for the best.

The snow compacts under the round, and creates the perfect platform, with an accommodating soft landing for the fresh cuts, wherever they may choose to fall. Rarely does a piece shoot off unexpectedly catching a finger, or a shin.

The process is rhythmic and repetitive. But not tedious, as you find stimulation in crafting the perfect piece.

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Hiding the House Wrap

7 June 2012 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

You know, siding is like laying sod.

You are up and down a lot, and the process is incredibly repetitious, but at the end of the day, when you look at what you have done, you really can see progress.

The cabin has been cloaked in house wrap, affectionately known as BC siding, for years now.

I am not sure if in reality you run out of money, motivation, or you simply become consumed by the need to make the inside more hospitable.

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Bit of a Princess

5 June 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Both the dogs recently attended the local 'Dog Spa'.

It is aptly named, as both emerged much cleaner, tidier, and smelling delicious.

To make this an honest account, I have to report that it did only take one good romp around the beaver pond to render them once more under-qualified for a seat on the couch, but it was and still is, very fun to see them prance around like they just lost 10 pounds.

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Spruce Trees

5 June 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

I wander around the cabin, staring accusingly at the spruce trees surrounding the now vulnerable looking building.

Being an accumulation of hard work, sweat and tears for years now, the cabin has always seemed very solid to me. Not perfect, not beautiful even, but sturdy.

Having grown accustomed however to the bizarre manner in which an 80 or 100' tree can simply fall over, with or without the help of strong winds, I am looking at my house now as a protective parent does their child on the first day of school.

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