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Re-bar and lessons learnt

16 July 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

Some stories don’t need to be told.

Let’s just say the re-bar in those pictures is remarkably straight and a wee bit on the stumpy side. Groan…every time I trip over something in this process it is at least a lesson learnt, and they seem to be coming hard and fast!

Enough of these wee stories and fingers crossed I will end up with some kind of an education.

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On the map

15 July 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

After some back and forth, map consultation and checking out Google Earth, the CSRD finally pinned me down at 3291 Wiseman Road . Breagha and I may not have a house, but we have an address!

3291 Wiseman Road, Golden, BC, V0A 1H1

Interesting how a little official definition can drag something out of obscurity and plant it firmly into the real World. ...[Read More]

Puppy shenanigans

15 July 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Breagha is still growing, and is feeling big enough to chase squirrels and rabbits, harass toads and frogs and growl and yip in her sleep.

She is showing promising signs with bigger wildlife – the sow and cubs are hanging out again down here. Brushing my teeth late one night, Breagha bristled, wimpered and dived behind the trailer! ...[Read More]

Reading materials

14 July 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

For those of you who I trade readin and movie tips with, see if you can track down a copy of 'Birds Without Wings'. Finally got around to reading this and it is a beautiful book ...almost like 'A hundred years of solitude', but less scattered and better. ...[Read More]