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29 August 2012 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

It seems to me that sanding tools are kind of like firearms.

People will look at you sideways for having 4 different types of sander, as they will if they don't understand the innate characteristics of firearms and are currently wandering past the 6 you have leaning against the wall of your cabin!

A belt sander seemed to me initially to be all any carpenter could want. In hindsight, this is more of a hazard than the reciprocating saw, or the router, and my misplaced faith in this particular tool was demonstrative of an absence of expertise on my part.

My first inclination that there might be more to life came when I was trying to buy sanding belts that were more refined than the 120 grit I had been using.

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18 August 2012 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

Part of me wishes I had studied Mathematics at University.

The sensible part of my brain understands that would have rendered me even less likely to be able to live remotely as I do now.

Still, as a subject it is fascinating. Particularly the more advanced math, any substantial knowledge of which I do not have. But the concepts that you read about that occupy the periphery of mathematical science border on philosophy, and are fascinating.

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18 August 2012 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

Having already built stairs to the cabin and the deck, I had put off the stairs to the loft for one reason or another, but not because I anticipated the inordinate amount of time they were going to take, or the inherent complexity.

But wanting to push the domestic scene forward a notch, finally throwing up an interior wall, and finishing the ceiling under the loft, it was finally time to tackle the stairs.

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Hiding the House Wrap

7 June 2012 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

You know, siding is like laying sod.

You are up and down a lot, and the process is incredibly repetitious, but at the end of the day, when you look at what you have done, you really can see progress.

The cabin has been cloaked in house wrap, affectionately known as BC siding, for years now.

I am not sure if in reality you run out of money, motivation, or you simply become consumed by the need to make the inside more hospitable.

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Building and other questions

24 September 2010 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

I know some of you guys have cabins of your own, some of you have a lot of building experience, and some of you are just great sources of random information : ). ...[Read More]