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10 April 2010 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

Just like the different layers of soil that permeate the earth signifying distinct periods in history, the building has the insignia of many different stages of development.

The finishing work on the outside of the cabin has been in part utilitarian and in part aesthetic. Though framing in around the windows and closing in the soffit, or critter proofing, were necessary to ward off both weather and unwanted visitors, it was the beginning of the stylistic input that transforms something from just generic to your own. ...[Read More]

Sinking sonotubes

28 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

The problem with building mostly by yourself is that the responsibility for any errors or miscalculations ultimately rests in one place! The excavations for the sonotubes were large and the backfill process was done quickly to accommodate an impending cement delivery.

Two of the nine supports for the cabin sank after a day of torrential rain, one by nearly 3", the other by perhaps 2"; I found them that way early one morning. ...[Read More]

Building update

25 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

I read somewhere recently that 'words are only vapours of the heart'.

That we can allude to something in our spoken language, but not capture the true depth of it.

The cabin now has windows, and by the end of the weekend, should finally be wind and water tight.   Like a face without eyes, or a person without soul, the emptiness of the cabin started to dissipate as the plywood was opened up and the lenses to the outside world were worked into place. ...[Read More]


20 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

The loft was built using a large piece of an old pine beetle tree; the 9' timber is ultimately to support the ceiling joists, but is also the first time I have stepped away from regular construction and played with a slightly different medium.

Propped into the truck, backed up to the cabin door and rolled, turned and generally cajoled into place it is now an integral part of the building.

The paradox of the old weathered tree and the clean lines of the dimensional lumber is somehow beautiful. ...[Read More]

Cabin update

5 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

The tin is finally on!

This update is a wee bit late as I have done nothing but cut and hang rafters, lay down strapping, screw in brackets, move scaffold around and pin down some bonnie red tin : ).

These last couple weeks have seen some sketchy moments with scaffolding, an unfortunate incident with a drill, some un-cooperative rafters and a few slides on roofing.  But so much work has been done, and finally the roof is on. ...[Read More]