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Another thank you

5 October 2010 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Sometimes it is really important to stop for a moment and acknowledge the people who have been there for you, knowingly or not.

Before the inevitable silence of winter unfolds and mutes these updates, I wanted to take the opportunity to do just that.

A special thanks to Al and Gill, for always being there, without fail. You guys are wonderful.

To Barb and Archie for kick-starting my materials procurement, and to Nikki at Bacchus for setting me on a path to find Breagha (and for the muffins and chai tea that fuelled this whole process!).

To Mum and Dad for respecting my choices, embracing this lifestyle, and letting me go and do what I needed to do (and for my beautiful birthday quilt!).

And to you.

Did you ever realise that these stories were sometimes a silent conversation with you?

You have been both my anchor and my inspiration.

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