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Wonderful day

26 August 2011 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

It’s funny.

If someone had said to me sometime that you can feel the soul shift, I would have rolled my eyes and condemned them to stand in the ranks of other romantic fools.

And yet, I find that you can.

In subtle, beautiful ways, like the groaning of an ice-field, or the creaking of a boat - your soul can move beneath you.

Not as dramatic as the opening of a flower to the first delicate rays, but at least that magnificent.

I feel lucky today. I feel awed at the opening of our eyes sometimes to the abundance and wonder of the world.

I think I am in love all over again.

But nothing fleeting or transient; I am in love with life and the amazing opportunities it affords us if we are courageous enough to hope and dream.

Thank you Russell the dog, Sophie the dancer and Karen the mother; Murray the boater and Dustin the musician.

Unspoken, unidentified messengers; heroes of everyday.

They truly are everywhere.

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