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Hobbling Along

26 February 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

About a week ago I took Breagha on a road trip to pick up her new knee.

Having limped periodically as a young dog, it turns out that my bonnie mut did not escape the genetic issues you normally associate with pure breds.

Strand by strand the ligament on her left knee has torn away, until finally it was gone altogether.

Her spaghetti joint rolling around was tolerable to her for a while, but ultimately had to be removed all together (tripod), or rendered useful again by rearranging the bone and adding some titanium hardware.

Given the second knee shares the same genetics, the tripod option showed some promise of becoming the bipod.

Decision made.

She is now Breagha the Bionic.

The cost of orthopaedic surgery for man's best friend is a little traumatic.

Endeavouring not to think about this in terms of lumber for the kitchen, line for the water project, or worse, necessary maintenance for the truck, is tricky.

But only till you see her lying with River, side by side; collapsing in a heap in the hope of a belly rub, or the killer. You look up absent mindedly from what you are doing, and notice her, head on paws, staring at you with those huge brown eyes. Keeping tabs, making sure all's good.

If at all possible, how could you not triage to help out your best friend?

The bionic dog. Possibly the first in Donald, most likely not the last.

River has the same bloody knees : ).


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Clare | Date: 15 June 2012 12:15:18 PM

It is amazing. Was really awesome to bump into you at the vet clinic! Instantly interested in getting to know you better, and hear all about your life. Hope both you and Keean are well, and healthy. Let's hook up somewhere in the Kootenays. Clare

Sabrina | Date: 4 March 2012 02:12:22 AM

Slowly weaving my way through your most savoury chronicles and enjoyable artwork, Clare. Heyho for Breagha, girl with the mighty howl and terror of all Vet Kennels. Keean says 'hi'. He's growing hair fluff back on his naked leg and butt window for the 2nd time, while snoring up a storm on the sofa. Finally feeling and walking better without the hardware, and exstatic when his favourite uncle drops by with his pockets full of cookies. Amazing where one meets the most interesting friends, who would've thought I'd find you in the stall to the left ?!

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