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12 March 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Sitting in the bed of the truck, leaning on a cushion in a sleeping bag with the girls lying with me; Breagha licking her leg, River gently snoring, I wonder at what more in life you need.

We could have rented a motel room, but motivated by economy, and the desire to test the new truck's ability to function as a hotel for the three of us, here we are. Sitting at the entrance to a locked provincial park campground, somewhere near Kaslo, BC. I vaguely wonder if I will smell like dog tomorrow, and hope I remember where the bowl of water is for the girls when I inevitably go pee in the middle of the night!

It is half winter, half spring down here, and though we had to break ice to get the girls some water, it is raining outside. I hope this canopy is waterproof!

I am tired from the crazy drive up to Trout Lake, the search for places I could take the patient and the fully functionning to stretch their legs. I am sure my right shoulder is dislocated from Breagha's determination to run with River.

We still have 5 weeks on a leash to go. Groan.

One of our efforts was well rewarded, pulling off at another parks sign that could either end in paradise or a half rotten park bench swimming in snow. Davis Creek was a beautiful surprise. I think there was a guy squatting in there with a caravan, god knows how he got through the gate. Anyway, he picked an awesome spot.

The campground was on a ledge, and until you went right to it, you couldn't tell there was a rocky beach below. Scrambling down the side tenderly with the patient, we of course all bolted to the waters edge.

The lake was huge, skirted by treed mountains on all sides, shrouded in fog and mist like a picture from a fantasy novel. The wind was blowing, something I am not accustomed to in Golden, and it had whipped Kootenay Lake into a frenzy.

As the waves roared up to us, collapsing at the last minute and crawling to our feet, I stared out over the expanse of water and felt like I was standing on the edge of the ocean.

The wind fresh on your face and tugging at your hair, water on your skin; the only thing missing was the taste of salt on your lips. Living near water, or on the ocean must be electric.

I love life in the Valley, surrounded by mountains. But seeing somewhere like that makes your heart ache, and next time, I will try and find somewhere with both :)

Happy travels!

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