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Bloody Powder

17 March 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

The snow pack really determines my success at supplying the cabin.

There are those powder days.

Where a person unencumbered with a plastic sled (packed full of laundry, water, pet food, etc.), might frolic with the dogs, scooping up the snow and throwing it around, light hearted and happy.

Take that person, and attach the aforementioned sled, and all of a sudden, that fluffy powder becomes a real pain in the arse. Every step you take lands you up to your knee, saved from further plight only by the red snow shoes strapped to your winter boots, faithfully saving you from complete exhaustion every 50 yards.

The sled drags behind you in the fairytale snow, heavy and sinking, causing you to pull a foot of the white stuff with you wherever you go. Of course, unattached, and liberated, the dogs prance and dance around in the fresh crystals.

Excited, and rambunctious, and rolling their eyes at their human's inability to see the funny side. It is in those moments when one of the 2 inadvertently steps on the sled, stopping the whole procession, and projecting the human husky up front in a forward dive, face first into the snow.

This generally results in one of 3 reactions; a laugh, at which point they breathe out, and dance around delighted some more; an angry burst of profanity, at which point they breath in sharply and dodge out of the way of a swinging fist, or flying water bottle; or tears.

Very rarely, but at least once this winter, I have knelt in the snow on the way to the cabin, and cried in frustration at the ludicrous nature of my life out here. I allow myself the sentiment for a couple moments. Then put my hands on my knees (usually under snow), struggle up out of the powder (easier said than done), and bloody carry on.

Normally by the time I get home, I have forgotten the adventure; lost in the need to light the propane lanterns, get a fire going, and feed the dogs.

Sometimes I think we would be truly adrift without the structure of our obligations. Perhaps that is why we pepper our lives with so many of them.

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