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Spring Visitors

1 April 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

It is really exciting to hear geese overhead.

Squawking and cackling, and completely ignoring the silence that fell on this place with the first blanket of snow, and that has been with us now for months on end. The cacophany of noise bought in on the wings of these spring messengers is in stark contrast to the silence of winter.

They chatter overhead, with no respect for the silence, bringing with them a rebellion. Having flown so far for a change of scenery, they boldly complain about the white landscapes, cold temperatures and difficult living. I welcome both their presence, and their impatience.

Periodically I hear other birds starting to practice for the performance that they are to give to an eager audience as spring finally thaws the frosty, white world that still surrounds the cabin.

I am sure a behavioural biologist would explain to me why they sing, and how they each come to have a different voice. That the trills, and flurries of sound are not rooted in delight at the return of foliage and the cautious creeping of vegetation, tired and downtrodden, but excited to make a reappearance. That they are in fact simply communicating, or perhaps advertising for companionship.

Even if their melodies are just a way of establishing territory, or identifying a food source, I am grateful for the lightheartedness that accompanies their song.

It almost aches in the pit of your stomach.

It was difficult to imagine a month ago that the heavy obligation of winter would ever lift, but with the deck clear of snow, and spring edging out from the base of trees, like an imperial army clawing back territory, it is now with optimism and burgeoning impatience that I wait for the day I can walk through mud to the truck, parked just 100 yards away.

Other things are starting to move.

In the early evening a symphony drifts up from the wetland in front of the cabin; toads and frogs stretching their throats like the tuning of a string quartet before a concert.

The long legged, fat mosquitos of the early summer are testing their wings, and bumbling around trying to shake off the sleepiness that must be theirs this time of year. And though somewhat saddened by their presence, I would gladly swap the snow for their company now.

Squirrels dance up and down the trees, tormenting the dogs; and I see deer tracks in the mud, though I have still to see my first quarry of the year.

If the changing stage upon which we live life out here was not enough to alert us to a turn in seasons, the flurry of activity from squirrels and birds, to toads and insects surely leaves you in no doubt.

Like an explosion of colour on an otherwise blank canvas, no wonder we stop for a moment and stare at the world unfolding around us.

So beautiful, so inspiring.

Spring is truly in the air : ).

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