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2 May 2012 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

It's funny.

For the last 5 months I have seen very little of the property out here. Not by design, but everything has been under the cover of a blanket of snow.

Once you get into late December, if you have not already broken trails into certain areas, the task becomes nearly impossible.

Like trying to learn a language later in life; forging linguistic pathways your brain does not want to accommodate, or is simply no longer capable of.

It was with new eyes, and fresh excitement that I found myself wandering around the lake not too far from the cabin. With the snow now gone, it suddenly occurred to me that our options for exploring were no longer limited to the beaten path to and from the gate.

The girls were equally excited to come through the patch of trees that skirt the lake edge and take in the bonnie waterfront circling away from us on each side. A flurry of ducks that have been subject to no intrusions since their arrival, moved on as if they had never seen people or dogs before; their presence and flight just making the scene more idyllic.

It was with growing excitement that I wandered around the lake, exploring the topography that you can see only at this time of year. That really brief window of opportunity between melted snow and re-vegetation; before the tangle of greenery and brush obscures what is under foot once more.

This year should see ample time to branch out from the cabin with a power saw, some imagination, and plenty of ambition to open up some of these beautiful areas for recreation.

Knowing now what winter requires of us out here, I will be able to focus my preparations in that regard and I hope to streamline the process. There will be no floundering or worrying, just a couple must do tasks.

The summer and fall will be free to explore what else the property has to offer, and build on what is here.

Now I have the tools, and a good base to work from.

All I have to do is learn how to live with the bugs!

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