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End of An Apocolypse

1 January 2013 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare
So the world did not end.

Life continues to stretch into the future, pausing only momentarily on the eve of an apocalypse to consider what it would mean were it all to be over.

And we march on. The thoughts born under the shadow of a disaster lost; enlightenment forgotten.

How quickly we put our musings to one side, grin at our foolishness, and embrace the daily once more.

And here we stand, on the eve of another unknown, another new chapter, a new year.

Though the calendar is little more than a tracking mechanism, giving us a grid over which to lay our lives, it does seem to herald that yearned for opportunity to start again.

I feel older this year.

As simplistic as that might sound, it is much more complicated.

My live starts to reflect the forest I stare at from the cabin. An increasingly complex weave of this, and that. Characteristics, thoughts and experiences woven together in impossible complexity.

Where does it end?

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