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Scary insects and animals

6 August 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Everything that collects dirt (with the exception of the puppy) lives outside the trailer; that includes my footwear. Climbing into my boots one morning both Breagha and I jumped back in disgust when the most heinous spider charged out.  The puppy regained her senses faster than me, leaping out of the door after the almost-hairy, offending insect.

I am not afraid of bears, but I really do not like spiders, particularly big ones! There is a new tradition in Donald, thoroughly shaking out anything you intend to push your foot into before you start.

The next day we were both bemused (me relieved) to see a hairy caterpillar fall out. Breagha is now an avid fan of the morning boot shaking!

There are a couple indications that there may be a grizzly bear passing through; given those guys range for miles, I am hoping it is just en-route to somewhere else. Though I have not seen the bear, there is a dug out that looks like a phantom back-hoe is on site, and some bear scat that makes me look for the horse hobbled nearby.

I have seen no tracks, and though my imagination is working over time, I am sure, I have seen no bear.

Given the black bear events of the early summer, I am a wee bit on edge to bump into that one in a hundred grizzly that would later be described as ‘just a bad bear’. Granted they are wonderful and interesting, but I would rather not have one in my back yard.

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