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Pine beetle wood

7 August 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

Some of the wood for the cabin is beetle kill – it has that characteristic blue sap-wood, and I am almost sad that it has disappeared into the floor of the structure. The wood is beautiful; but there is an irony to realizing that beauty is the signature of a tragedy for the forest.

There are quite a few folk in the Valley who work with the beetle protection programs, and I am interested in the nature of the hallmarks that will be left behind. Perhaps in 100 years people will find a chair or table, some siding or paneling that has that bonnie blue and will be able to pin-point it to the time when the West was battling against the loss of the pine trees.

Perhaps our children’s children will dig out an old photograph and say, this is my great-grandparent, he or she worked as part of this great initiative, falling trees to help save the forest.

It is very interesting; sometimes we live through times or events that you know are noteworthy enough to have historical significance later. You can almost feel your generation being cast into the pages of history; September 11th for example, the electing of Obama, or the outbreak of the next epidemic.

I loose count of how often I have wondered what it was like when Lewis & Clark were exploring North America , or how it was to be a part of the swinging 60’s. It makes me really want to embrace our time and live it thoroughly; for how else will we be able to respond to out children’s questions on how it was?

I am not sure what characterizes our time; the massive shift towards an environmental consciousness maybe; the slow draining of the oil resource and the impact on our lifestyles; the economic disaster that the world is trying to clamber out of; the terrorism catch-word and the move towards a new centre of dominance in China or India - and how that will impact life here in North America and Europe.

So many things.

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