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15 July 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

After some back and forth, map consultation and checking out Google Earth, the CSRD finally pinned me down at 3291 Wiseman Road . Breagha and I may not have a house, but we have an address!

3291 Wiseman Road, Golden, BC, V0A 1H1

Interesting how a little official definition can drag something out of obscurity and plant it firmly into the real World.

Now when people ask me what my address is, I actually have something to say!

As an historical note, though the road name may seem a little antiquated or gender specific, it turns out that it is actually the surname of the original home-steader out there; Mr. Roy Wiseman.

His old cabin is on my 40 acres, and inspired me to buy my place (have included some pictures on the web-site). The literal writing on the wall dates it back to winter 1934 - not old by European standards, but a very interesting time to be living out there. 

From what I have found, he was a veteran, serving in the Spanish-American war, for which he received a pension from the US Government. He was also a fur-trader, sending pelts to both Sears and SIR in Winnipeg (still there today). He received a Christmas parcel in 1935 from Wisconsin! 

Really fascinating, but stories for another time.

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