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Stolen tools

9 September 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

The next cabin update will come around next Sunday, but as some of you are local, I wanted to send out a message sooner.

Either on Saturday or Sunday this weekend, my power saw (Stihl MS260), chop saw and circular saw (Makita) were stolen from the building site.

Having tools out there is a given; whoever is responsible only needed to know that I was building to be motivated to pay us a visit.

Needless to say this project is on a shoe-string; every dollar has to earn it's keep and loosing almost $2,000 worth of tools is not helpful.

I send a note about this in the hope that if somebody locally hears of any of these things being sold on the cheap, or have any idea who the culprits might be, I would appreciate any information you have.

The security and diligence on site just took a big step up, but that does not help with the equipment I have already lost.

I will be out there full time now, so it will be harder for someone to sneak by.

This has been a good education for my naivety; it is falling away at a rate of knots. 

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