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Vertical beams

17 September 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

These things turned out to be more of a headache (literally) than the ridge pole. Built on the floor to then stand up in the gaps left in the walls should have been fairly simple...should have been. Imagine 5 planks of 2x6, 16’ high, banged together with probably 5lbs of nails!

I wasn’t worried about doing this until I started lifting one.  Let’s just say there was a bunch of bracing, some ropes and a lot of good luck involved. The second beam went up in the rain – I was tired of waiting for a good day; add to the mix slippery plywood and boots covered in clay and the whole thing takes on an entirely new dimension.

Still, made it through that alive - with only a really sore head and bruised chin to prove it. Thankfully both those beams needed some persuasion to seat properly, so I had an excuse to get up there and beat them with a sledge hammer afterwards!

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