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Square to the Earth

10 September 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

I stumbled over the cabin site trying to locate one of the corners of the property in the late Spring. The natural bench and potential view made it a great place to build, except of course for the forest that stood guardian over the site.

There were a couple large spruce that stood out from the birch, fir and cedars; these big old trees suggested a natural orientation and clearing to make the most of the space. At the time I remember finding it odd that the dimensions using these wooden dinosaurs as markers would mean a site almost on compass points; the longest lines running E-W, the shorter lines, N-S.

The thought was forgotten in the rigmarole of digging holes, playing with masonry string, trying to squeeze sono-tubes between tree roots, and finally pinning down a square structure.

There is something strange in the discovery that since those early days in the forest, sleeping on a fallen log surrounded by trees and wondering what would materialise, that the actual cabin has settled almost exactly along the lines of the compass; square to the Earth.

It is interesting how these things come to fruition.

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