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Flutter-bys and water boatmen

10 August 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Breagha’s new favourite pass-time is to chase flying things.  Given she is only a little over 3 months old and knee high to a human, that mostly means butterflies and insects; anything large enough to grab her attention.

The odd hummingbird has flown low enough to inspire her, though she is still too bumbling to do more than offer a confused pursuit of those feisty wee guys.                

Undoubtedly it is very cute to see her prance around delighted, chasing butterflies.  She has become so comfy in a marine environment now, that even water-born insects are fair game. Her focus has shifted from the desire to stay afloat and keep her head dry, to eating anything on the surface.

She snaps away as she floats by at sticks, frogs, foliage and insects. Those wee water boatmen that skate around the surface like NHL champions are the perfect targets; they are unimpressed with this new fascination. She is like an Atlantic storm descended upon them in an excited frenzy, destroying an otherwise serene and tranquil environment.

The proverbial bull in a china shop.

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