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Puppy shenanigans

15 July 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Breagha is still growing, and is feeling big enough to chase squirrels and rabbits, harass toads and frogs and growl and yip in her sleep.

She is showing promising signs with bigger wildlife – the sow and cubs are hanging out again down here. Brushing my teeth late one night, Breagha bristled, wimpered and dived behind the trailer!

I was shaking my head at her goofiness, but some thrashing around sounded the arrival of the sow and her wee cubs.

Her first tentative tries to swim have burgeoned into a real love of the water. The heat makes it more of an attractive option, but she seems to love it whatever the weather.

Her big paws make paddling a breeze, and she sheds her bumbling puppy persona on the way in, replacing it with a stoic kind of confidence – she glides around like a ballerina on ice. It is cute and endearing.


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