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25 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

I read somewhere recently that 'words are only vapours of the heart'.

That we can allude to something in our spoken language, but not capture the true depth of it.

The cabin now has windows, and by the end of the weekend, should finally be wind and water tight.   Like a face without eyes, or a person without soul, the emptiness of the cabin started to dissipate as the plywood was opened up and the lenses to the outside world were worked into place.

I have craved a certain lifestyle for almost as long as I can remember, and to bear witness to it's first steps to fruition make me happier than I am capable of articulating.

I can almost imagine living in my new home now and the idea accompanies a deep sense of satisfaction.

I have no questions this time, but am grateful for the help, support and advice that I have received over the past couple weeks.

Thanks guys.

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