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20 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

The loft was built using a large piece of an old pine beetle tree; the 9' timber is ultimately to support the ceiling joists, but is also the first time I have stepped away from regular construction and played with a slightly different medium.

Propped into the truck, backed up to the cabin door and rolled, turned and generally cajoled into place it is now an integral part of the building.

The paradox of the old weathered tree and the clean lines of the dimensional lumber is somehow beautiful. The tree lay in a pile of pine and cedar for a number of years; as a result most of it is weathered that bonnie silver-grey of exposed wood.

If I were to cut into that silver tree, the wood revealed would be pale and beautiful, blue in turn - just like the lumber in the walls. Like the rediculousness of age; the years fall away as you discover the heart and soul behind the face looking back at you.

Roy's old cabin has that same aging on the outside; as you venture through the entrance, the knarled lumber of the exterior transforms itself into rich, warm logs; like night giving over to day. Like children that have never been exposed to the world standing back to back with their grandparents.

The paradox of old and new, weathered and untouched, grey and knarled versus pale and bonnie all serve to drop some character into the cabin; it is finally starting to take shape, and is really exciting.

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