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Breaking the ice

29 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

With some coaching, Breagha has learned that frozen puddles are a good source of water; the cold weather has hastened her education.

Having been utterly confused by the hard surfaces at first, she would treat them as she would a regular puddle; eventually she tired of licking them to death, and would wander off disgruntled and dissatisfied. 

She will now tentatively push the ice until it cracks, jump back in mock astonishment, then gingerly proceed until she breaks through, and the water she is craving gushes out.

In the beginning, as she mastered the method, she would look to me for approval after each creak and push with her paw. It must be an engrained parental response to watching your offspring learn; whatever the reason, it was really endearing.

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