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29 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Though the bears will probably be sleeping soon, I am still wary as we wander around out here. Often it seems over the last week Breagha and I will be bought up short by a rustling and crashing in the bush. I stand a little straighter, listen carefully and wait for confirmation of what is lurking back there.

Yesterday the thrashing was followed by a bonnie little ruffed grouse, who marched down a broken log, onto the road and paraded out infront of us! This wee guy made enough noise to herald the homecoming of the unseen grizzly bear of the fall, and both of us cocked our heads to one side to watch him strut around in mild amusement and fascination.

Of course for the puppy the hesitation lasted only a moment; the grouse's bravado suitably checked by the bouncing Breagha, he thought better of his swaggering and took to the air in a whirr of wings.

Not only cool to observe, these wee guys make a tasty meal, and ready to go in less than 3 minutes; if fruit are nature's candy, grouse are nature's fast food.

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