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5 October 2009 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

The tin is finally on!

This update is a wee bit late as I have done nothing but cut and hang rafters, lay down strapping, screw in brackets, move scaffold around and pin down some bonnie red tin : ).

These last couple weeks have seen some sketchy moments with scaffolding, an unfortunate incident with a drill, some un-cooperative rafters and a few slides on roofing.  But so much work has been done, and finally the roof is on.

I have one structural question for those in the know:

  • I have a 40 degree roof pitch (10/12) – constructed with 2x10s on 16” centres. The rafters are notched to fit both the ridge pole and the top plate. They are nailed together where they meet at the peak, and are screwed to the top plate and ridge pole using brackets. 
  • I will have 10’ of the 24’ length supported by loft joists (pulling the rafters together at the height of the top plate). For the remaining 14’ distance I was not anticipating using collar ties. I decided to just put a lower beam (probably 1/2 of the way down the rafter) to tie both sides together every 4 rafters or so (so I’d have 3-4 in the part of the cabin not supported by loft). 
  • I want to do this to avoid lowering the ceiling; I like the cathedral look that is in there right now, and with 16” centres, collar ties on each set of rafters would just look a bit chaotic if I did not cover them up (and be a nightmare to drywall).  I think 3 or 4 lower beams spaced out would give enough support to the roof given the construction, and look nice too.
  • Any engineering issues with this plan, given the pitch, method of construction, etc?

As a head’s up to anyone with a similar project; there are wee brackets out there that you can use to secure the top of your rafters right away that makes hanging them by yourself a possibility. They are right up there with the pipe wrench and the sledge hammer as indispensible tools.

For tin, for all those who said ....’ok, this time, you really can’t do that by yourself’....stand corrected : ).

By the way – I am having difficulty uploading pictures right now – that is a wee bit frustrating as I would really like to share some pictures of the roof with you.

I will next time.

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