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Roofing screws

20 April 2010 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

Next time you are nearby a house built by someone other than a professional, take a good look at the pattern of the roofing screws.

I doubt I would have thought to 'read' a roof this way until I had the fortune to discover what it is like to switch out a ridge-cap after the tin has gone up and the frost has settled in, or cut in a chimney and re-straighten it a couple times with a layer of slippery snow on the already grim surface.

The roofing screws provide an obvious, and often unwanted, chronicle of your trips up and down the tin to fix that, silicone this, straighten something else!

The placement of the roofing screws read like a manuscript of the hole that missed the underlying strapping by an inch; the route that was taken to get some purchase on the chimney collar; and the day that you really shouldn't have been up there and felt like a bit more footing.

The errors and omissions of this project stand out to me like sentinels.  I wonder if the practised eye of someone who has also been through this will capture those details, though undoubtedly they would be too polite to comment on them.

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