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Forward progress

20 May 2010 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

This past couple weeks saw the wiring go in, the walls finally insulated, the making of a mud room and the first stab at drywall.

Outside of the world of construction, the puppies have opened their eyes and with their sight has come a cautious sense of adventure.

Given I still do not have any real quantity of water on-site, I have also finally built the deck. Having 6 puppies inside was starting to be a domestic disaster!

The joists are all cut, laid out and bracketed/screwed into the cabin and the facia. I scraped together enough rough cuts to put about 3' of decking down; just enough to accommodate the puppies in their wee house and mesh run; their home in the evenings.

I am sitting here on the floor on a Thursday night with Breagha quietly snoring, listening to the hum of the Honda outside, idly swatting mosquitos and occasionally getting up to turn a steaming pile of wet clothes in front of the stove.

The spring is here, and with it the rain.

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