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18 May 2010 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

There were a couple of times as I was sealing up the walls with vapour barrier that I noticed bugs of various sorts and descriptions scurrying away into the pink insulation.

We are so used to that kind of interaction that although it occurred to me that I would not want to try push my way through a wall of itchy pink, I did not think more of it.

It was only after I noticed a few big insects peering out from behind the vapour barrier that I realised I had actually entombed them, and felt mildly guilty about being so thorough with the tuck tape!

Like lost souls wandering around looking for solace, there was something forlorn about their predicament. The initial frantic activity displayed by some of them was replaced over the course of an evening by a slow, rythmic tapping at the barrier.

Understanding the nature of their misfortune, I whacked a couple of the larger flies, though my aversion to arachnids stopped me getting that intimate with the spiders.

There they are and there they will stay, staring out from their plastic coffins.

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