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Bugs in general

16 May 2010 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Reading or writing tend to happen in the loft in the dark, when I am comfy on my foam matress after the generator is quiet and the pups and Breagha are asleeep.

I am learning that there are a number of tools required to transform this torment into the relaxing couple hours it should be. These implements include a torch, a mosquito coil, a shoe, or other armament, and a wee bit of patience.

The coil is lit and the smoke noses around the loft; eventually creeping into every crevice and tormenting the mosquitos until they quiet and die.

The torch is set up around the same time, not too far from the laptop. The glow of the torch is an attempt to attract some of the maruading insects away from the computer until the coil has had an opportunity to carry out it's quiet masacre.

The shoe is to take out the more sizeable and stubborn of these intruders that prefer the monitor to the flashlight. Moths have never given me much cause for alarm, but the furry small birds that dive bomb the computer screen in the evenings are admittedly a little disconcerting. I wait until I have a good striking angle, unleash the shoe and remove the offending carcass from the keyboard.

Tonight I have only 3 moths and a couple of big blue bottles. Generally within 20 minutes or so I am confident I have harvested the quarry currently in the cabin, and can relax into what should be an idyllic setting : ).

Like setting aside 15 minutes to light a fire, stoke it and heat enough water to wash your face, it is interesting what can become a part of our daily routine.

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