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10 May 2010 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

Electricity is not something I have often had anything to do with.

Other than plugging in an appliance and feeling an odd sense of unease at my inability to comprehend why it actually works, I have avoided this side of life and construction up until now.

I had decided a long time ago that at this stage in the operation I would pause to wire the cabin. In part so I could have power inside that could be hooked up to a generator, and in part in the hope that at some stage in the future I would invest in a cool alternative energy source that would feed into this infrastructure.

And so finally, this week saw my introduction to electricity.

As odd as this may be, I found it fascinating. There are little miracles that surround us every day that we take for granted. Clean running water. Seemingly endless power for any number of conveniences embedded in our walls, kitchens, bathrooms.

Our sense of confound irritation when any one of these things has the audacity to stop working is indicative of how far along the continuum we are in our expectations and lifestyles.

Given this obvious reliance I struggle to understand why I have waited until now to educate myself about it.

This week was a really rudimentary introduction to wiring and electricity, but it was immensely satisfying.

I think we collectively forget sometimes that what is generally considered the ambit of trades-people is not beyond our grasp. Granted the limitations of time, and the real risks associated with an absence of knowledge in certain things may explain why the majority of us get through our adult lives relying on these skilled workmen. But this week definitely served to remind me that learning a very basic level of something as critical to modern life as wiring, or plumbing is a really empowering feeling.

Another opportunity to grapple with what really lies behind the complex facade of our sophisticated lives.

Next will be the propane.

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