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4 May 2010 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

It seems to me that drywall was invented to test your patience.

Making the transition from structural to finishing work took some effort, but switching between wood and drywall is almost enough to make you loose your mind.

The heavy, cumbersome boards are quick to take offense and can neither be coaxed nor jiggled into place. The edges crumple at the smallest indiscretion, and the board grumbles and groans about the slightest uneven surface.

I would painstakingly measure, draw out and cut sockets, light switches, door frames or windows. In the midst of trying to hoist what remained of the 4'x8' sheet into place, I would inevitably loose my grip on the bloody thing and helplessly watch as it slide down the first layer of drywall to land on it's 'oh-so-delicate' corner which would promptly implode into a mash of dust, broken plaster and ripped paper.

Groan ....the profanity that abounds in the cabin on 'drywall' days would shock a career soldier. The only good thing I have to say about the utlimate 'princess' of construction is that once you do get it into place, not only does it cover big sweeps of insulation at a time, but it brightens up the place instantly.

Standing back with a big sigh to look at the completed walls, is definitely a moment for pause. Sliding that stuff over top of months of construction, good times, headaches and hardwork has definitely put behind me the most serious and time consuming part of this process.

A good moment, but acknowledging it is not without sadness. The big, impressive, and more challenging parts of this process are over. All that remains is the end game.

Roll on the guest cabin!

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