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Sad news

25 June 2010 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

For various reasons I decided to pull the title to my piece of land a couple of weeks ago.

I was horrified at what I found.

A string of easements were etched onto the title at the last minute, before the land was transferred; five additional charges to be exact. These easements afford rights to others that are abhorrent to me.

The land in Donald has lost more than half of it's value overnight, if it has any left at all; no-one in their right mind would buy a property with the encumbrances attached to mine.

The property itself is of course as beautiful to me as it ever was, but the enchantment it held is more than stifled by this discovery.

How is this possible?

As part of the due diligence in buying property, you always check the title. I was provided with a copy of the original title and agreed to it; by the time the sale came to closing weeks later, some time had passed, as is normal.

In recognition of this, lawyers are required to run a 'pre-close' check to ensure nothing has changed in relation to the title since the contract was signed.

The lawyer who acted for me (from out of town) failed to run that standard 'pre-close' check, and as a consequence transfered lands to me with these additional easements attached.

Without my knowledge I have given up a significant amount of jurisdiction over my own land. I would not have accepted or paid for what I now own. The nature of what I have worked so hard for has shifted under my feet. Ironically I only find out about it now, 2 years down the road.


Anger rumbles around the pit of my stomach.

Having dragged lumber from one place to another, stacked and un-stacked scaffolding coutless times, heaved logs and stoves, tin and plywood; packed endless bags of insulation and braved the elements; having cried about rain, and worried about snow, fussed about details and nearly driven myself mad with measuring, re-measuring, levelling and squaring.

Having been robbed, nearly eaten by a bear and having cut off my own finger, it is so sad to me that it is this disappointment that has finally knocked the wind out of my sails.

The motivation to continue with the project is creeping away like a shadow, and though I am desperately trying to grab at it as it fades, my hands claw through it like air.

I am a little heartbroken.

I am not sure why I share this information with you, except that I have shared everything else.

I hope this is not the last chapter; it is definitely not the one I had imagined.

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