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10 August 2010 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Something that always seemed courageous and inspiring to me, the meaning of marriage has undoubtedly changed over time.


Where does the union belong in a world that has moved on from the strict forms of familial set-up, from the archaic notions of gender roles, from the religious connotations that supposedly founded its very roots?


For something as complex as marriage (particularly in places as ethnically diverse as the UK and Canada) I realize that it is not possible to draw any one particular conclusion.


But like no other time in history that I can think of, there is an unequivocal form emerging from the tapestry.


The dogmatic and almost self-righteous interpretation of how family life and partnerships should be structured has quite certainly been dismantled over the last 2 or 3 generations.


Those ideas have been torn up and thrown into the wind.  Small pieces floating away, finding their own place in different peoples’ lives.


Released from the shackles of social obligation, religious belief or political motivation, the inclination to marry now seems more innocent, pure and simple.


That you are in love; that you promise to try; that you will always be there.


Just two people, who can approach each other in honesty and choose to make that commitment.


It is a courageous thing to do; and very inspiring : ).


I am really proud of you guys.

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