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Limited progress

8 August 2010 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

The easements in Donald have undoubtedly left their mark.


Like a scratch on the surface, or a blemish on something beautiful, they make you wrinkle your face in disappointment.


Still, having spent time mulling over this outcome or that, the only thing that seemed to be left to do was sigh, get up, and get back at it!


The education that remains at the cabin has been standing in the background all along, hands on hips, scowling like an old school mistress, shaking her head at my lack of dedication.


There was nothing else to do but continue. And the cabin has come forward leaps and bounds in the last wee while.


Painted, trimmed out and tidied up. Like a fledgling bird, or a lost person, having shed the hallmarks of construction, the cabin is now verging on an inviting space.


It is odd to be motivated to do little more than sit in a heap at the end of the day and stare out at the beautiful country and majestic mountains; your mind drifting off at will to this thing or that.


I have no other way to describe this than a sense of resignation - to what I am not sure.


An accumulated fatigue that gives you a cabin version of the hundred mile stare! In some ways I feel like I have done battle.


The days are now finite – at a certain time you down tools and reclaim the rest of the day that would historically have born no distinction. You would have kept going, kept pushing till you had nothing left at all.


The most rewarding thing to date?


To sit in a heap, in someone else’s cast away furniture and stare out of a window that used to be in someone else’s house; to mull over what you have done and where it is you might be going in the peace of your own home; your own space.


Why is practical skill now almost a quaint attribute, and not an absolute necessity to being an effective adult?


I wish I had known this sense of satisfaction sooner.

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