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Building update

6 August 2010 | Category: Building | Author: Clare

The stove is polished, the bricks cleaned off, the collar ties varnished. The deck is stained, the windows cleaned and the framing around doors, drywall and windows (inside) is all completed.


The flooring in the loft will hopefully be down as the weekend draws to a close, and the only thing remaining on the inside of the cabin will be to make it feel like home.


At some stage over the coming months I will tackle propane piping, but for the next wee while, the plan is just to enjoy what is already there.


A great deal on rough ‘1x’ fir has provided a source for the ceiling, and the underside of the rafters will boast bonnie boards sometime in the coming weeks.

The vertical beams have been covered by facing boards to suggest the cabin was built with large timbers, and the tile in the mud-room has had a bit of a face lift.


All in all, she is almost civilized!

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