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End of an era

6 October 2010 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

I guess this is the end of an era.


The clutter of life and the obligations we take on have seen these cabin updates fade into the background, banished from the ever growing list of priorities; put on ice.


In some ways I feel alienated from Donald, and the freedom of spirit that allowed me to be courageous, not only in attempting to build this place, but in the sharing of my response to it.


As I determine how to structure life from now on, I will continue to write about both the challenges and wonderful things I encounter. But it will be in a different format.


At some stage over the coming months, I will forward you guys a link to a blog.


I will post the cabin updates from the very beginning until now on the site, add some photographs, and then post updates as and when something fun happens, or if I have questions on building kitchens, or on putting in propane.


That way you will be able to dip into life here when you feel like it, and not just receive these updates as I send them.


For now, this is the final chapter. This will be the last cabin story.

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