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Another World (episode I)

5 June 2013 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

The tires skidded on the wet tarmac, the plane lurched to an ungainly halt, and guests jostled in their seats, impatient to disembark.

I stared out of the window in wonder.

I was home.

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4 March 2013 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Helicopters have to be the spoiled child of aviation.

They are treated with extraneous courtesy; they are dutifully warmed up, cooled down, and tucked it.

I even know a pilot who gently caresses the undercarriage of his helicopter before flight.

Though clearly nothing to do with the cabin, or building, this has become a time consuming part of our lives, and warrants some form of commentary.

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Stained Glass

4 March 2013 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Stained glass is a steep learning curve.

Like anything new it is a cacophony of noise in your brain.

It is a lot of frowning, straining, cursing, cutting, foiling, soldering.

It is deep frustration, punctuated by moments of delighted idiocy at what you are creating.

At it's very core, it is the ability to work with glass.

I found cutting accurately difficult at first. Misunderstanding the medium.

Glass does not behave as wood does. It has different social graces.

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I Still Believe

3 March 2013 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare
'Despite the accidents, I still believe nobody has the right to tell another man how to live his life or what chances he should or should not take, especially here in the mountains, the refuge of the free spirit.

I think it was John Fowles who wrote that a man who never takes a chance in his life is a fool.'

Men for the Mountains, Sid Marty.

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End of An Apocolypse

1 January 2013 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare
So the world did not end.

Life continues to stretch into the future, pausing only momentarily on the eve of an apocalypse to consider what it would mean were it all to be over.

And we march on. The thoughts born under the shadow of a disaster lost; enlightenment forgotten.

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