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Breaking the ice

29 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

With some coaching, Breagha has learned that frozen puddles are a good source of water; the cold weather has hastened her education.

Having been utterly confused by the hard surfaces at first, she would treat them as she would a regular puddle; eventually she tired of licking them to death, and would wander off disgruntled and dissatisfied ...[Read More]


29 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Though the bears will probably be sleeping soon, I am still wary as we wander around out here. Often it seems over the last week Breagha and I will be bought up short by a rustling and crashing in the bush. I stand a little straighter, listen carefully and wait for confirmation of what is lurking back there.

Yesterday the thrashing was followed by a bonnie little ruffed grouse, who marched down a broken log, onto the road and paraded out infront of us! ...[Read More]


23 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

This week I took delivery of a cool old stove in exchange for a truck-load of firewood. For whatever reason, the things for the cabin that I have come by by barter, or some other channel are my favourites. The stove has a story, as do the bricks it will sit on; the big windows that were salvaged (thanks Archie) and the propane lights from disparate sources remind me of friends and others who have helped me along the way.

For some reason barter is a much more interesting way to come by something than straight purchase. Frugality to one side, I think this means of exchange satisfies a much deeper desire to step away from the orchestrated system of sale and purchase we have to deal in with our fiat currencies. ...[Read More]

Cold nights

10 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

This week finds me snuggled up in the trailer, under at least four blankets, trying to ignore the fact I can see my own breath and wondering if I will take my toque off tonight; I feel like I am practising for an Antarctic expedition!

It is not 2100 yet, but it is dark out and with no power, there is nothing to do but relinquish the cabin for the day and read or write. ...[Read More]

Daily rounds

9 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

I would like to take each of you on a wander around the property with Breagha. Although there are times on our walks when we are both quiet and keep to ourselves, for the most part she is full of life, often goofy, and really entertaining to watch.

If she is not trying to wrestle a tree out of the bush and drag it along with her, she will appear with some treasure and wave it around to entice me into a game of chase.

Sometimes with much performance she will race past me so closely that I almost lose my balance, and then make great show of diving into a thicket to ‘hide’. ...[Read More]