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A different era

7 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

For the first time last week it occurred to me that I will likely finish this cabin in October this year; three quarters of a century after Roy Wiseman started building his.

That is a little disconcerting, and I wonder who will be scribing out a living in this place after I am gone. With memories of the treasures that I uncovered excavating the old cabin close at hand, I intend to stow some things of my own in the walls of this one; by way of explanation of our lives and motivations – 75 years after his. ...[Read More]


6 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

Breagha finds the strangest things out here. Today I clambered down from the roof thinking she was chewing on something that she shouldn’t to find she was hiding a claw or talon behind her teeth! ...[Read More]


5 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

I have listened to wolves a couple of times over the last week or so.  Though I have not been lucky enough to see them, it is wonderful to hear them. There is something elemental about the howling and crying of wolves; it tugs at the part of you that yearns for simplicity.

Perhaps it pulls us back from our contemporary luxury to a time when we dressed in skins and furs, carried clubs around and lived in caves. ...[Read More]


4 October 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

With the clear skies we were blessed with last week, came the bonnie nights. The moon hangs like a lamp in the sky, illuminating the trees, and even throwing long and willowy shadows on the ground. Later in the evening the stars scatter across the black sky in a beautiful tapestry; too many to fathom, and suggestive of a world beyond our own that is too expansive to even try to comprehend.

I cannot believe that there are people today who have been in, what to most of us, will only ever be a beautiful backdrop.  ...[Read More]

Gorillas in the mist

20 September 2009 | Category: Stories | Author: Clare

The world and its mechanics are interesting. It seems as if sometimes things are thrown in our way if we are looking for affirmation, or guidance of some kind.

The weeks had taken their toll, and I was out with Breagha lost in thought on our walk around the property. I glanced up for no particular reason and stopped short, finding myself less than 40 yards from a bull elk. ...[Read More]