10 Cozy Rustic Log Home Bedroom Decor Ideas


Decorating your mountain retreat bedroom to make it cozy and beautiful, while keeping things simple can be a wee bit of challenge. So here are ten cozy rustic log home decor ideas for your bedroom.


To keep things simple and bright, use white bedding. Florals and colourful bedding are nice too. But if you are aiming to get things looking as serene as possible, go for white bedding.


For a pop of colour, add a pretty throw to your bedroom. You can decorate with it by hanging it stylishly over your bedframe footboard. A plaid throw will add some colour and warmth to your bedroom.

Cushions & Pillows

Decorate your bed with cushions and pillows. Bright colours are great, but if you want to create a calming retreat, white would be your best option. You want to have around four pillows/cushions on your bed for a nice fluffy look.

Wall Decor

Use wall decor that capture the beauty of the outdoors. For example, you could hang a photo or two that depicts the forest, woods or countryside.

Bedside Tables

Add a nice wooden pair of bedside tables to your bedroom. You can decorate these with candles, and your favourite books.

Bedside Lamps

Bedside lamps will create a nice cozy ambiance. You can use floor lamps, or you can use lamps that you will place on your bedside table. Choose a pair of lamps with nice shades that will help to enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Ceiling Lights

A nice light fixture in the ceiling of your bedroom will add some elegance while helping to make your room cozy. Go for a rustic light fixture. And maybe you could choose one that is a combination of both lighting and fan.

Bedroom Bench

A nice farmhouse style bench will help to complete your bedroom. You can place this at the foot of your bed, or up against a wall. You can place a cushion on it for comfort, or use the bench without a cushion.


Your bed is the main feature of your bedroom, so make a statement with it. Choose a nice bedframe that stands out, but not too overbearing. A wooden rustic bedframe is the perfect option.


A colourful rug will add some colour and warmth to your bedroom. You can even use a gray tone rug. Place this at your bedside, or in front of your fireplace.

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